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Would you know what to do in an emergency CPR situation? There are simple solutions to ensuring you have what it takes to help a family member, co-worker, child, or stranger in need of emergency first aid. Don’t just stand by and watch helplessly, be prepared to be the First Voice.

CPR is one of the most vital tools in an emergency situation. When someone is suffering from cardiac arrest, CPR can help sustain life by keeping the body’s vital organs supplied with oxygen-rich blood. Although CPR produces only about one-third of the blood flow to the brain and heart that the body usually generates, this can be enough to maintain life until advanced medical care is available.

CPR Coach helps you know what to do when you suddenly find yourself in an emergency event that requires CPR assistance. By giving step-by-step, yes/no questions CPR Coach provides you with a Lay Rescuer-level set of instructions that help everyone from the trained to the untrained know how to give proper CPR.

CPR Coach benefits:

  • Real-time, audible step-by-step instructions for CPR rescue
  • Real-time, audible pacing and breathe instructions during CPR
  • Nearest ER location finding assistance (data/wifi connection required)
  • Emergency Intake Questionnaires for documenting key information for EMTs when they arrive on scene
  • Emergency instructions stored on your iPhone, so you have access to step-by-step instructions even without a connected wireless signal

Compatible on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad*

*App will work on iPad at resolution 480 x 320 pixels. We are currently in development of full iPad resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

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"ResQr First Aid & CPR Coach should be a must-have app for everyone -- parents, those who travel, those who work in an office, and students."
Clinton Fitch, MVP Mobile Devices
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